Bimetallic Shear Bolt Connectors

Bimetallic shear bolt connectors 600/900 Amp: bimetallic, aluminum alloy copper top connectors for both aluminium and copper conductors. They are for use on 600 Amp and 900 Amp "T" Body Elbow applications.

Bimetallic shear bolt connectors 200 Amp: aluminum alloy and copper top connectors with shear bolt that has predetermined shear points and designed for both aluminum and􏱍􏱦􏱦􏱊􏱋 􏰨􏱍􏱑􏱩􏰏􏰨􏰱􏱍􏱋􏱏􏱨with 200 Amp loadbreak and non-loadbreak Elbows.

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